Local Market Place (**L-mart**)

When small business thrieve, ... market your product locally in the Internet era !

You seem to be overwelmed by today's marketing strategy on a global scale, and it seems not to provide you the expected return.

Turn local !

in fact your customers, are often next door, indeed when you provide a solution a specific market need, your community is often very receptive to adopt your product, (locally made label still has lot's of appeal ). This is even more true nowadays where everything else is global.

Be smart : use **L-mart** for your distributor *and* supplier too !

It is hard to grasp what is local today, in fact its meaning has shifted over the past years, we obviously doesn't want to miss a customer who is located across the country...

What is Local in the virtual Internet ? If we observe ecosystem and marketplaces we can says that there is an inherent partitioning of markets which model the social networks.